Top Tip #1: Set a target
Set yourself a target. This will help keep you focused and measure success. Your target could be weekly or monthly; it could aim to recruit 10% of your audience, or 10 people every week. Make it realistic for you. Follow our tips below to help you reach your goals.

Top Tip #2: Email
Send our ready-made email template to your email database. Use an eye-catching subject line and include a request for them to support you through Hive Lotto. Remember to include a link to your Hive Lotto page.

Top Tip #3: Link on your website
Put your lottery URL on your own website. That way your supporters can find your lottery page without you having to reach out to them.

Top Tip #4: Facebook
Ask friends to support you through Hive Lotto on Facebook (or any social media channel). Posts with a photo or video get more clicks (funny is good!). Tell your audience why and how to support Hive Lotto and post regular updates about what a difference you can make with the money you raise.

Top Tip #5: Posters
Have fun and get creative with posters and marketing materials. You can stick these up in your shop, club house, events and anywhere else you can think of.


Have you got a top tip to share with the Hive Lotto community? Let us know!