Hive Lotto Player FAQS

What is Hive Lotto?

Hive Lotto is a  weekly community Lottery brought to you by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council. It provides a simple way for good causes to raise funds. When you buy a ticket for £1 you will be entered into a draw to win cash prizes up to £25,000. At least 50p from every ticket goes to good causes.

How do good causes benefit?

If you choose to support a specific good cause, 50p of that will go directly to your chosen good cause. If you don’t specify a cause, 68p from every ticket you buy is spread across good causes within Tonbridge & Malling.

By running the lottery through Hive Lotto instead of running it themselves, good causes are spared the administration costs and responsibilities that come with running a lottery as these are covered by the licenses held by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (the creators of Hive Lotto) and Capen (External Lottery Manager). This means they can direct their time and the funds they raise towards their own development.

What prizes can be won?

Match 6 numbers and win £25,000
Match 5 numbers and win £1,000
Match 4 numbers and win £100
Match 3 numbers and win £10

PLUS every month there’s a second chance to win £25,000, and if you win then the good cause you played for gets £25,000 too!* Every month you will also be entered into a bonus draw to win a special prize – currently a UK short break for two!

*If you play through Hive Community the £25,000 will be spread across the good causes we support

How do I play?

Visit the Hive Lotto website at and click on ‘Play Now’, or choose a specific cause through which to buy your tickets. You can buy anything from one ticket to one hundred tickets every week.

 You can pay for tickets by credit or debit card and you can also become a regular player by setting up a recurring payment to purchase tickets every week. Tickets purchased between 17:01 pm on Friday until 17:00 pm on the following Friday will be entered into the draw that is held on Saturday at 17:45 pm.

Do I have to buy a ticket every week?

No. It is up to you when you buy tickets and how many you buy. But the more tickets you purchase, the more good causes will benefit.  You can sign up to be a regular player by setting up a recurring payment.

How much do tickets cost?

Each ticket costs £1. If you choose to play for a cause and they’ll get 50p for every £1 ticket you buy. 18p will be spent on causes across our community. If you don’t choose a specific cause 68p from every £1 ticket you buy is spread across the good causes we support. The remainder is spent on prizes, and on the administration of the lottery.

How does the draw work?

The draw is based upon the results of the first six digits of Germany’s Spiel 77 lottery which is drawn every Saturday at 18:45 CET and the results are published on the website (

How can I check if I have won?

Winning numbers will be published on the Hive Lotto website at

Winners will also be notified individually via the contact details given on the purchase of their tickets. There is no need to get in touch with us if you have won, as we will automatically contact all winners.

How do I cancel recurring payments?

Players choosing recurring payment via credit or debit card can cancel at any time by contacting or by contacting their card issuer directly.

Who is Capen?

Capen is our expert External Lottery Manager, trading as Zaffo, responsible for administering the lottery and distributing the prizes. Capen is licensed with the Gambling Commission as External Lottery Manager (Type F, Remote) license number 000-036257-R-317724-001.

What is Zaffo?

Zaffo is a ground-breaking digital toolkit, created by Capen, that allows any charity, club, business or individual to raise funds and engage with their community by setting up an online raffle, lottery or prize draw. Capen’s Zaffo Lotto product is powering Hive Lotto. Find out more

Who is Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (TMBC)?

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council is the Local Authority that holds the Operating Licence and will promote the lottery. It has been established to enable TMBC to continue to support the good causes in their community.

Why have I been charged an extra £3.00 for buying lottery tickets though you?

Please note that Some Credit Card issuers charge a cash advance fee for Gaming Transactions, if in doubt check your Credit Card T&Cs or use a debit card.

What will I see on my bank statement?

Please note that your payment has been processed by Capen Ltd Trading as and your bank statement will include the following information “ 0203 096 6265”